Leasing FAQs

-What are my options when it is time to renew my lease?

At the end of your lease, you have your choice of three different options:

  • Purchase or lease a new vehicle
  • Purchase your leased vehicle for the price stated in your Lease Agreement (plus any applicable taxes and/or fees)
  • Return your leased vehicle (after satisfying any lease-end obligations, such as mileage, wear and use charges and any applicable lease Disposition Fee)
For more information, please visit the Lease-End page or contact your local dealer.

-How do I purchase my leased vehicle?

You can purchase your leased vehicle for the lease-end purchase price stated in your Lease Agreement (plus any applicable taxes and/or fees). For more information, visit Lease-End Purchase or contact your local dealer.

-Can I end my lease early?

You may terminate your lease early by following the instructions contained in the "Voluntary Early Termination" section of your Lease Agreement located in Account Manager.   If you require additional assistance, please contact us

-Can I transfer my lease?

Please contact us for more information on a Transfer of Lease. 

-How many miles do I have in my lease?

Log in to Account Manager and click on "My Lease Info" and/or view your original Lease Agreement to find the total allotted miles for your lease.

-What happens if I exceed my mileage allowance?

Any mileage that exceeds the amount allowed on your contract is assessed a charge at lease-end. If you choose to purchase your vehicle at lease-end, you will not be charged for any additional mileage. For more information about mileage allowance, please contact your originating dealer or contact us.

-Am I eligible for a payment extension?

Under a lease extension, you can reduce the amount due for the current month(s) being extended, and get to keep the vehicle longer (based on the number of months extended). A payment extension is a service providing payment relief to assist in resolving a temporary financial burden. Accounts may be eligible to request and process an extension online. Please visit Account Manager to determine if your account is eligible. If you are unable to complete an extension online or the requested terms do not meet your needs, please contact Customer Service. 

-Can I have a late charge waived?

Please contact Customer Service, if you have a question concerning a later charge.

-I have automatic payments. Will an extension affect that?

So long as the extension is processed at least two days before your automatic payment withdrawal date, Ford Credit will not process a payment for the monthly payment that you are extending.  Ford Credit will then resume automatic payments with your next payment due - there is no need to take any action.  Note that your next automatic payment will include any invoiced amount, so if there is an extension fee assessed, your next automatic payment will include such fee.

-I am at the end of my lease and don't want to or am unable to return my vehicle yet. What options do I have?

If you are at the end of your lease and the dealership is closed and/or you are unable to return your vehicle, please contact us at 855-573-9740 to make alternate arrangements.

-How do I transfer my vehicle's title to a different state?

This process may differ from state to state. Please check this document to find the correct process for the state you're transferring your title to. For any further questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-727-7000.