The Importance of Regular Brake Maintenance

The last thing you need is to be neglecting the brakes on your vehicle, only to find they are gone when you need them in an emergency. At Basil Ford of Niagara Falls, you can schedule a brake checkup at your convenience.

It might be time for a brake check-up if:
- The vehicle rumbles up and down when you hit the brake pedal while traveling at high speed.
- There appears to be a strong burning smell coming from the brake area while driving.
- There is a soft and spongy brake pedal.
- The brake hardware and hoses have brake fluid leaking…
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What Does the 2017 Ford Explorer Bring to the Table?

We here at Basil Ford of Niagara Falls have to hand it to our beloved American brand: it delivered a doozy of an SUV with its full-sizer, the 2017 Explorer.

Yet, what -- in particular -- makes it so?

Check the clip below to find out; the fine folks at MotorWeek are here with more on all things Explorer:

Shoppers seeking a rambunctious road manner from the Explorer are sure to receive exactly that with its top-tier engine, a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6.

Standard Sport and Platinum models, the turbo-V6 joins with a six-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Overall output checks…

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Pay attention to your warning indicator lights

Are you currently dealing with a pesky warning indicator light in your vehicle? Let the experts here at Basil Ford of Niagara Falls take a look and get to the bottom of it.


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We know it's easy to procrastinate getting your vehicle looked at when say, your check engine light comes on. Howev

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End summer on a high note with the Ford Escape

Looking to fully embrace these last days of summer? Why not upgrade to the 2017 Ford Escape? This thrilling crossover is always ready to sneak you away to destinations near and far at a moment's notice.

The Ford Escape's versatility allows you to easily commute to work and run errands around town as well as hit the road for some fun in the summ

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